Hey  Beauties,

Okay, so I know how much you beauties are dying to hear what’s on my wishlist, I know it keeps you up at night sick with worry about what I long for 😉 So I thought I would ease your troubled mind and tell you want I want to add to my ever so slowly growing collection 🙂 As you may or may not know I’m a broke student who doesn’t have money for anything, so I just type up wishlists in hopes that one day, friends and family search for my wishlists and just buy everything for me, ha ha A a girl can dream…

Fortunately because of my loving mother and  amazing best friend BusyBrunette, I own SwiitchBeauty’s must haves:

  • the #SlaysForDays eyeshadow palette,
  • #GloGasm highlighter palette and
  • #HolyGrailFlashCase a cream pigments palette (Posts coming up soon).

But if you want to buy them now catch BusyBrunette’s posts on the #SlaysForDays and #HolyGrailFlashCase 😉  They are a absolute MUST have! If I were you I would add them to my wishlist. I must say I love, love, love this brand from the amazing high quality products to the lovely ladies, Rabia founder of SwiitchBeauty  and Jessica from Just a city girl, whom I’ve dealt with personally.

So let’s get started… First up:



So this little bad boy has made a reputation for itself.  I’ve seen many South African beauties slay the game with this product, it suits almost every brow colour and gives you those brows on FLEEK! The Browgame in a box retails for R120. This product is definitely a girls best friend. I love a good brow and never leave the house without them done ever, so this is number one on my list.



The Blend8 is a 8 piece eyeshadow brush set is said to blend eyeshadow like a dream, it makes any eye look, look so professional. So far I haven’t heard a single bad video review or blog post on these little cuties. I would love to add these babies to my brush collection because as you all know eyes are the main focus and that eye look needs to be on fleek gurl 😉 Rumour has it that these brushes blend like a dream and amp up any eye look. They retail for R300, that’s R38 per brush!


g31 contour brush

Oooh la la, The #31ContourBrush is a makeup lovers must have! The soft bristles create a strong contour that could cut through anything 😉 It could also be used on your eyes to contour those lids, that’s how gentle those bristles are. This contour brush retails for R199 on Swiitch Beauty, again it’s a good investment for those girls who want the best contour of their lives.


glo up drops

Holy Grail of Holy Grails… This product is supposedly known as the miracle oil, infused with 24k gold flecks, Rosehip Seed Oil, Licorice root extract,orange peel oil, Bois De Rose Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Elderberry extract and Bergamot Oil. It helps to prevent anti – aging, even out skin tone and hydrate the skin. Each ingredient works together to promote the best skin you’ve ever had! This amazing product retails for R350.


dolce rose gold

Firstly can I say how beautiful are these brushes? This set consists of:

  • Rounded stippling brush,
  • Medium dome brush,
  • Flat foundation brush,
  • Small dome brush
  • Large dome brush.

These brushes are so pretty and get really amazing reviews. They are 5 very soft durable brushes, that blend extremely well and apply foundation and powders flawlessly. I’m very excited to try them out and put them to the test. I am yet to find brushes that beat my current collection. These brushes retail for R450 but they are on sale at the moment.



This product, I believe, should be in every makeup lovers collection. If you are anything like me and put washing brushes off for a while then you need to add this to your wishlist as well. Just pop it on add some brush cleaner and rub your brushes on the textured surface for a good scrubbing of those dirty brushes! It does the work for you 🙂 These glove retails for R199.




Puffiness, sagging skin, redness and heat sensitivity are all a mystery if you use this product. You put your roller in the fridge overnight and in the morning you have the best anti-puffy tool ever 😉 From the reviews I’ve heard the jaderoller helps with ageing by tightening and firming the skin, the coldness closes up pores and promotes blood flow to the face. I suffer so badly with under eye bags so I’m definitely giving this product a try. It also helps to reduce those nasty blemishes we all get! The #jaderoller retails for R199 but it’s on sale for R150 now 🙂



So I love falsies but they are such a mission to put on, most of the time they go on skew or uneven. Having a tool to help will be such a game changer, I don’t wear them often but having this tool  will definitely help and it won’t break the bank. It retails for R80.


sb10browbomb 2 in1 eyebrow shaping and brushing brush.PNG

This baby paired with the brow game in a box and you have the perfect pair. I definitely am in need with a double duty brush like this with a spoolie. Brows are an absolute be all and end all for me, I never leave the house without them. I’m keen to try this brush out and it only retails for R110 for double duty beauty.




This palette is a dupe of the Morphe 35T taupe palette, it becomes available on the 15th of June and I am beyond excited to have my hands on this palette I’m absolutely in love with the gold, orange and purple shades. Perfect for a cool eye look and it’s great for summer and winter looks. Be sure to keep your eyes pealed for the price of this beauty. Rumour has it this amazing palette is going to be a steal at R350 🙂


Metal gloss range

OH MY GOODNESS! Just when I thought the Dolce rose gold collection was beautiful, Swiitch Beauty just announced the launch of these beauties! I am in awe of these beautiful brushes, from the picture it looks like it will be a 10 piece set with a copper/ rose gold accent. These brushes launch on the 15th of June as well with the palette. Guess whose going to be selling a kidney for these 😉 For just R45 a brush, That’s R450 for this beautiful colletion.

I hope you have enjoyed this local makeup company wishlist. Hopefully you’ve seen something to add to your wishlist. I absolutely love this brand and if you’ve never bought from them I suggest you do so very soon 🙂 what’s on your wishlist? Anything that sparks your fancy? Let me know in the comments I’d love to hear from you!

Chevy 🙂

***Disclaimer: all these pictures have been taken off of the Swiitch Beauty website and Instagram. These are not my own pictures as I do not own the products***




  1. Hey hun.. I’m getting serious FOMO looking at all these pics of the #TAUPENOTCH PALETTE so I definitely feel you!
    I own the blend 8 brush set and G31 contour brush. These are my daily go to brushes. They amazing!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey girl, I should probably do an updated list since I got a few items😁

      Definitely get yourself the taupenotch palette it’s to die for and it’s so pigmented😍

      Thanks for letting me know what you have I’d love to chat to you some more about your products ❤️

      Thanks for the love.


      Liked by 1 person

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